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3 Things You Need to Learn Before Buying Acoustic Foams

by DAI Designer 11 Nov 2020


Your recorder, monitors, and other forms of equipment have been selected and you are still not pleased with your sound quality tone. One of the most critical elements of recording has been overlooked: the acoustics of the room. Each sound comes into contact with a surface in your studio and is either absorbed or reverse-bounced. Usually, the lack of acoustic care will impact your recordings in a bad way. From early thoughts to modes of bass. That's why we made this buying guide for acoustic treatment to explain the basics of improving your room's tone.

NCIX Tech Tips, a YouTube producer of technology content shares with us how much he loves audio quality. Having a series of Bass Traps and Pyramid acoustic Foam from Arrowzoom improves his audio quality a lot. For him, when it comes to video, audio is critical because some viewers have this mentality that if the quality of the audio is not good, it may also be the reason why viewers won't watch your video. 

And here's the information you need to know before you buy an acoustic foam.
Arrowzoom Acoustic Foam

Am I going to need it?

Yeah!! YES!! Perhaps, originally, your studio was not designed to be a convenient tracking environment. That's why cheap acoustic therapy is just what you need. Did you know that your room creates a sound of its own? Sound flies in the direction in which it moves. It can be reflected and/or ingested depending on a number of variables.
Explain Foam Absorption

What kind of acoustic treatment can purchase?

Easy solution: Our Arrowzoom Room Kits collections are quick fix for your problem, providing all acoustic products you need for each room! 

For acoustic care, there are three kinds of acoustic foams that you need when you purchase. These are the traps for Absorption, Diffusion, and Bass. Acoustic foam is well built to minimize noise and slap flutter for sound absorption. These are the two most common room problems that are not structured to capture and execute content. Acoustic Foam will further increase the sound quality of your sound and will provide you with a more stable device for testing. The second is dissemination. It will prevent sound waves from accumulating, and you will only have a few to no hot spots. And finally, Bass Traps. If you want to smooth the sound of your room, corner bass trapping is a must because low frequencies tend to cluster in the corners and create problems, such as increasing the obvious volume in the room bass.
Where to install foam

Where am I going to install it?

It is also a work of science to determine where to put your acoustic solution. It concentrated on the goals, the function of the space, and the architecture. Bear in mind that if it is already on tape, you will never be able to get rid of the unwanted echo. Here are a few tips to help you walk through your installation process of acoustic treatment. Absorptive and diffusive could be the sidewalls. If your budget is limited, the acoustic treatment of the sidewall should be prioritized since these are the sound points that will provide you with a comfortable and protected listening location, but if you have a completely absorbent space like an isolation booth, start from the top of the wall down to the level of your knee. This will allow you to monitor the variables for recording in the mix, EQ, and more.
Before buying an acoustic foam, these tips that you need to know will make your sound treatment a lot easier. To learn more about the Arrowzoom Acoustic Panel, can you get here.


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