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Arrowzoom Reviews & Testimonials

Arrowzoom has been in business for over 15 years and have proudly serve over 1000+ professionals and homeowners with their noise issue. 
Here is a highlight comment from our customers.
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Another Great Purchase

I just love the Quality and Professionalism that I have put in my studio using Arrowzoom Acoustic Foam. My audio files have been approved on various voiceover platforms using Arrowzoom's products, and their Customer Service is Top Notch! Thank you Arrowzoom!

They work

Whoever lives above my apartment has the grace of an elephant - I heard disturbingly loud footsteps all the time, as late as 2AM. And banging the ceiling with a broom wasn't helping them get the picture.I ordered this 12 pack. I did 3 separate 2x2 squares in different sections of the ceiling. This DID NOT eliminate the noise, but has moderately quietened it. I don't have experience with other acoustic panels for comparison, but overall I am satisfied with their performance.

Easy to install, dampens noise

Easy to install and cut down to size. It makes a difference in sound, but doesn't completely block the higher decibels. However, it's super effective for the price range! I would recommend for sound dampening in a budget!

A perfect accessory for my home office!

These lightweight acoustic panels worked really well.

These lightweight acoustic panels are exactly what I needed. They look great and each panel weighs only a few of ounces. There is an easy to peel off film which reveals the sticky backing. They sticks well to just about any flat surface. I installed these in a custom made acoustic tower to fill in the gap for my barn doors. The sound absorption was really good and Id use them again, in fact I ordered a second set myself.

I love how this design looks on my walls! It was easy to assemble and place using the spacer. Would love to get more.

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Cris Mathew (Al Qatif, SA)
Good looking foam that works great too!

I installed 12 pyramid 50cm x 50cm foam panels and 12 bass traps (4 long and 2 short) in my live streaming setup, and it gave a huge difference in the overall acoustics of the room, my condenser mic sounds really amazing on stream now. 10/10 will buy it again when I renovate my home theater setup.

Everything I needed

I recently setup a home studio and this stand is everything that I needed and really helps me get the sound I want in my small apartment space. A friend of mine who has been doing music for years helped me setup and actually wants one as well so that let me know it was even better than I realized.

Exactly what I need for my home studio

Exactly as described. Easy to put together and works perfectly for my home studio.
I had bought just an isolation shield previously for almost the same price as this entire set up. Plus, as a tall man, this CODN package actually extends high enough for me to stand tall comfortably. And when I done it all comes apart easily and stores in a small space. I couldn't be happier with this purchase!!

I recently setup a home studio and this stand is everything that I needed and really helps me get the sound I want in my small apartment space. A friend of mine who has been doing music for years helped me setup and actually wants one as well so that let me know it was even better than I realized.

Quite nice quality, fast shipping

Have received one of the ordered pictures, can definetely tell that it lowered echos, but still waiting for rest of pictures to arrive to cover more walls for best result.

Overall it's surprisingly good considering it's size and I'm not displeased for the money I spent.

The texture is unbelievably soft.

The panels are unbelievably soft, and the painting on it is so nice that you will like to have one for decoration in the living room.
The material is very easy to clean and the price is really affordable.

Solid stand with great portable sound proofing

I like the stand was pretty solid to hold up the sound proof Device. I feel the design could be better to attack to the stand. Also, the additional holding stand needs a better bracket system. It's quite flimsy to really hold anything


The panels arrived last night and the painting is fantastic!
The texture is really good and soft, and acoustic. I really like the lion one, and how details of the lions is.

Love the Makeover with second floor

After researching on how to renovate my second floor. I decided to soundproof the room before turning it into my music studio. I ordered 100 pcs of gray and 100 pcs of blue along with 34 sets of 24 pcs of tape. The delivery was within two weeks, Somehow it was delivered into 2 parcels. The foam came in sealed. It took me 24 hours to decompress it. Luckily there was a tutorial video of showing how to decompress and install it.

The whole room took about 3 days in total to complete. 24 hours to depress, and two days to install. I am so excited about the finished result! Absolutely looking forward to putting my drum set and keyboard in here.

Great Look for Study Room ! Thanks Arrowzoom!

I've struggled with noise issue for a long time when I wanted a quite work room. Since my apartment is near the train station, I could always hear train coming by. Since Covid, I had to work from home. I could hardly concentrate with all the disturbance from outside. So I had decided to research a quick fix to resolve the train noise issue.

After researching, I found out that Arrowzoom sells great quality products with the color bundle that I like. Go Yellow! So I ordered 100 pieces yellow and 100 pieces of black along with some tapes. The foams came in compressed so my husband and I needed to lay them out and dampen it for about 24 hours. The entire living room was compiled with foam. The whole project took about 2 days. We couldn't be happier with the outlook and the sound blocking effect!

The tape works like a miracle!

I have big door gaps for my apartment and the tape works like a charm. The adhesive was easy to apply. No nasty plastic smell. It was easy to trim and good fit for my door.

Nice quality

I placed the pyramid acoustic foam in my HIFI room, now my wife is not complaining everyday about the "noice" :)

The white panel looks very simple in style

Very match with the color tone of my home. This is already my second time to buy this door kit again for my house decoration and soundproof

Bought the grey door kit

Really nice and the color is just like what it is in the photo and the size is fit.

Easy to apply

This product is in perfect condition. Like in description. Delivery was very fast. I recomend this store.

Love the look

The pyramid shape is easy to trim. So I decided to take a design on the wall. I'm really impressed with the look for the studio room.

Solved my sound issue

Check out the yellow and black color bundle. Really like it.