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Acoustic Foam For Influencers & Streamers

by Arrow Zoom Limited 01 Dec 2021


The competition for content creators on YouTube and other streaming platforms like Twitch appears to be ever-expanding. As the technology to create video content becomes more accessible, many are trying their hand at content creation. Thinking of trying it for yourself? It could start as a hobby and evolve into something more; perhaps even a full-time job! To keep yourself in the running, you’ll naturally want to craft the best content for your audience. Engaging content is, of course, fundamental to success on YouTube, Twitch or anywhere else for that matter. But how else can you refine your videos? 

If you watch a lot of other content creators on YouTube, Twitch, or the likes of, you may well have noticed acoustic foam panels mounted on the wall behind them. No, these aren’t just for decoration (although we do stock some pretty great colors). They’re in place to help improve room acoustics. Ultimately, this helps to refine the quality of the content being created, by making audio much clearer.

Here at Arrowzoom we stock a range of acoustic foam tiles, bass traps and corner cubes to help you easily get the acoustic treatment you need. We even stock premade room kits if you want the full works in one convenient package. Recently, a new acoustic panel design has step up the game of acoustical treatment and this is the so-called Hexagon Panels. See how influencer LogicamenteJim has upgraded his room set up with this newly released design from Arrowzoom.





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