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Basic guide to Room Setup: Proper Placement of Acoustic Foams

by Arrow Zoom Limited 23 Apr 2020


Having an appropriate set up has a huge effect in terms of the issues you will encounter in your room or studio. Some acoustic issues in a room are usually caused by the wrong placement of sound treatment. But if you have the best speaker and with the help of proper placement of acoustic sound treatment, you can get the best experience and best quality of your equipments.


According to TechFox, a Technology Content Creator in Youtube says that there is a common misconception of Sound Absorption and Sound Proofing. The difference between the two is that soundproofing prevents the passage of sounds. It avoids the sound from leaving a room. While sound absorption is when sound waves are absorbed by a delicate surface and it takes up all the unwanted sound inside a room. With successful acoustic treatment and proper placement of acoustic panels, the quality of your videos won't just be upgraded, you can even control and deal with the sound quality of your room.



  1. Sticky tabs


1. Positioning of your equipments

always remember, keep the speakers centered from their respective sidewalls if possible. if your left speaker is four feet from the left wall, make sure that the right speaker is also four feet from the right wall.


 2. Look for the Reflection Points.

In a room, you may find 3 types of reflection points. The first reflection points are the sidewalls, floor, and ceiling. These are the parts where the sound usually bounce. These are the echoes that are loud and produce a sound obstruction from low-mids to high frequencies. Second is the bass issues. Bass traps are usually placed at the corner of the walls. One of the biggest reasons why there is a bass unevenness in a studio is the modes that cause the standing waves. It's hard to deal with bass issues. But with proper sound treatment, you will solve all the bass issues. Lastly, the late Reflection. Late reflection refers to the reverberation and flutter echo. It can be constrained by utilizing the right acoustic that is pretty much uniformly separated in the room.

Once you follow all the guidelines stated above, then looking for new sound problems and solutions will be much easier. Here is a quick look at Arrowzoom Black and Red Pyramid Acoustic Foams.





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