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Black and Yellow Pyramid Foam Acoustic Panel Color Combination Set Up

by Arrow Zoom Limited 08 Dec 2021

Pyramid foam is a sharp looking, but traditional acoustic treatment usually found in recording studios and spaces where reverberation needs to be controlled. Although it is part of recording tradition, the design appeal of this acoustic foam is timeless. With its laser accurate straight lines and mythologically inspiring tall cubic peaks, it is the ideal statement cladding for any modern space.


These acoustic panels provide a slick and professional finish within a range of applications, from offices to music studios, allowing for a truly versatile acoustic solution. Pyramid foam acoustic panels and tiles can easily be modified and trimmed on site, or pre-cut to a size to suit the space you are treating.

Albedo OP, a streamer with over 596K subscribers upgraded his background and room set up with Black and Yellow Pyramid Acoustic Foams. Watch Below for set up details.





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