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Upgrade Your Gaming Room with Customizable Wall Acoustic Art Panels

by Arrow Zoom Limited 13 Oct 2021

One of the most popular types of videos people watch on YouTube are gaming videos. If you’re a fan of this type of content, you might be thinking about what it would take to create your own gaming YouTube videos. You’ll find that, if you truly have an interest in gaming, it doesn’t take much to put this kind of content out there. Having a computer and your favorite games is all you really need to make a basic gaming video.

Omoi Senpai - Music Edumacation, a Youtube influencer with 100,000+ subscribers is up for the challenge to upgrade his set up and add customized wall panels on the background! Wanna hear and learn more about his video comparison? Check out video below!



We know that not only is the sound important in spaces like these, but the aesthetic is just as important when it comes to pleasing your followers. That's where Arrowzoom Wall Art Panels steps in to help solve the problem. These are acoustic wall art panels used by home-owners, designers, architects, and engineers alike to control noise and absorb sound for purposes of restaurant acoustics, office acoustics, school acoustics, lecture halls, church acoustics, and many other rooms. The perfect combination of both design and sound absorbing qualities simultaneously, makes these acoustic wall art panels the safe and best choice for acoustic treatments.

We know how hard it can be to put yourself out there with a new YouTube channel, but you can go into it with confidence knowing you have the perfect backdrop to make your videos look professional and give it an extra pop! Now that you are equipped with the right information you can transform your amateur vlogging setup into a professional set.



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