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Easy To Install & Efficient Door Soundproofing Kit with Weather-strip

by Arrow Zoom Limited 02 Feb 2022


Soundproofing your room is a great idea, but you won’t get the highest level you need unless you soundproof the door, as well. Rolling up the towel might help a bit, but not enough. There are excellent soundproof door kits available, all easy to install yourself or with the aid of a friend. Soundproofing the door will make an enormous difference and may make or break the work you need to finish.

It’s ideal for your recording studio, your apartment to block out the neighbors, the hallway noise, or if you live next door to the elevator. This kit is very easy to install and includes enough material to soundproof 1 door. You can do  it for your bedroom and other rooms too.

This product is excellent, not only for soundproofing, but it is weatherproofing as well. Easy to use and apply, simply peel the backing and place on the gaps of your door or windows. Strong adhesive and very flexible, this strip will help keep noise levels down.

Great for the bedroom for sealing doors and windows for those who need to sleep during the day, for baby’s room, or the teenager who had just discovered heavy metal. Low cost and very versatile. Include it with your door soundproofing kits to enhance the soundproofing or keep everything in place.

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