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by Arrow Zoom Limited 14 Dec 2022

Whether you aim to silence noisy city streets or contain blaring songs in a noisy apartment, you may achieve this in numerous ways. Hanging thick blankets and window curtains.

Patching a wall with more drywall provides lasting beautification and perfect soundproofing. Many soundproofing techniques effectively reduce noise levels adding aesthetic beauty to your home, and choosing the best one is the key.

Introduce Wall Hangings or Panels

Arrowzoom Hexagon Felt Sound Absorbing Wall Panel - Solid Color - KK1224Since hard surfaces reflect and magnify sound, heavy panels hung on the walls can instantly and significantly reduce ambient noise. Any soft material will do the task, but the thicker the board, the better it reduces noise.


If you're concerned about the aesthetic value of using hanging blankets to muffle noise, consider installing soundproof wall panels with hexagonal tiles and panels, in addition to the more basic, industrial-looking ones that may be used to cover an entire wall or arranged into an artistic wall display.


Also, if you need extra protection from a noisy upstairs room or a noisy neighbor, you can install sound-absorbing panels in the ceiling.

Consider Sound Absorber Rugs

If you have hard floors—wood, tile, or anything that’s not carpeting—cover part of that sound-reflecting surface area with a large area rug. Add more noise reduction by placing a thick rug pad underneath it. It will not only reduce noise but add first-class beauty to your room.


Add Sound-Absorbing Curtains

The soundproofing properties of windows are average, at best. Luckily, there are a few ways to augment their talents. We have some soundproof curtains for an instant solution. 


Arrowzoom has voluminous drapes crafted from various materials, including polyester, velvet, and satin. One will suit your house style from the wide selection available. 

Use Glass Panel.

Although these transparent acrylic or glass panels are more expensive, they can be easily fitted over your current windows. 

The air space between your original window and the insert acts as a soundproofing barrier, reducing the amount of outside noise that enters your room.

DIY Soundproofing Door

Arrowzoom Door Soundproofing Kit All in One Acoustic Panels KK1184 White / Single Sided - 20pcs PanelIt's not just the air, dust, and bugs that can be kept out with the help of an Arrow zoom DIY door. Furthermore, many measures act as soundproofing while giving your home a befitting one. 

Bookcases are an excellent option.

Can use built-in bookshelves made with soundproofing panels to reduce ambient noise. So if there's a particular wall you can hear a trace of noise, cover it with wall panel shelves and load them up with books to drown out the noise.


Make sure everything is flush against the walls, floor, and ceiling with no significant gaps, and the increased mass will limit sound transmission through the wall and add luxury and beauty to your room.

Increase the Amount of Drywall

Arrowzoom™ Acoustic Sound Diffuser - Quadratic - KK1098Adding more drywall to an already-built wall may take time and effort to reduce noise, but it's a perfect solution. Add a second layer of drywall that is half an inch thick. The drywall layer is a game changer for modulating noise and beautifying your room.



At arrow zoom, we aim to prevent sound from penetrating your room. We recommend that you muffle any sound by choosing the best materials, such as foam, carpet, blankets, and acoustic panels. 

For lasting experience, choose from the above methods for effective noise control and first-class beautification for your room.

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