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Basic Steps on How To Enhance the Audio and Visual of your Studio

by Arrow Zoom Limited 14 Feb 2020

For the longest time, Installing an Acoustic Foam in your house is a proven and tested way to not only improve the design of your room, but also it can help you to lessen your monthly bills and soundproof your home in some great way. 
So here are the basic steps on how to make your studio Audio and Visual looks even more better according to ibertz.


STEP 1 : Peel of the Adhesive Tape at the Back Part of the Foam
iBertz said that having an Acoustic Foam really damp down and make his studio sound crispy and look nice.


He also added that it's much better to have Self-Adhesive Foam. It's really a great help because it makes the installation easier since it is just a "Peel & Stick" process. 


 STEP 2 : Press Your Foams Against the Wall
Make sure to squish your foams as close as you can to avoid any gaps and press to ensure a tight grip on the wall.


The Nice thing about the Arrowzoom Acoustic Foams is that, It's also a fire retardant. It won't keep firing up.


Arrowzoom offers different sizes of acoustic foams (25 x 25 x 5 cm & 50 x 50 x 5 cm) and the nice part is, You can play with the size or cut it to your preferred style.
ibertz also said that having an acoustic foam really really does make a difference. It feels, looks, and sound much better to have one.


Having an acoustic foam with adhesive backing really saves time and the mess.


To know more about Pyramid and Self-Adhesive Foam, Visit Arrowzoom website and Use iBertz Discount code: AZ-COOL to get 10% discount!

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