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How to get rid of echo in your room?

by Auto Currency 11 Jul 2019


Sometimes we get bothered if we are trying to record something and yet, there are still echoes in the background or if we want to play a loud music but our neighbors still complains about it. But What is the main reason why the sound don't isolate in a room and why is there an echo?

In an empty room, sounds tends to bounce from wall to wall because there is nothing to absorb the sounds at all. However, we can reduce the echo by using a Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panel. Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panel has a self absorption mechanism that absorbs and controls the echo that the sound creates.
Blue x Black acoustic foam
Pyramid acoustic foam is one of the most recommended material for sound absorption and also for sound proofing. The top priority of this material is to enhance the quality of the sound and also to reduce unnecessary echoes or unwanted background noises. There are different colors and sizes to choose from. This is a great choice even if it's for decorative purposes or for Professional recording and if you are planning to buy one to get rid of those echoes, I would say that this is a good investment because of its great quality and affordable price. 
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 Arrowzoom Studio Room
You may visit Arrowzoom YouTube Channel to know more about Acoustic Foam Panel.
Arrowzoom acoustic studio
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