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How to Remodel Your Home Studio with Hexagon Panels

by Arrow Zoom Limited 29 Dec 2021

Set up a home recording studio to be your own boss. Maybe you’re a musician looking to record when you want. Or, you might be looking to start a podcast. It doesn’t matter. Acoustic treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. You can install your own acoustic panels and purchase do-it-yourself acoustical treatments.

Don’t underestimate your room’s acoustics. It’s important to make a distinction with the pro tools you’ll need. Soundproofing is designed to minimize the noise that travels in a room. It uses dense building material. Acoustic treatments do something completely different. They are designed to control the sound in a room and make it better.

Benefits of Recording in A Home Studio:

  • You have all the time you need. Recording from home allows you to explore different instrumentation and arrangements.
  • You can also make extra money by renting your home studio out.
  • They are convenient. In fact, the recording gear is smaller and lighter . You can start one with a computer and some acoustic treatment space.
  • You can improve your craft and hone your skills.
  • They are a good investment. A home recording studio can be rented via mail. Make a little money on the side or pay for the room.
  • A home recording studio lets you control your hours and work schedule.
  • Set your objectives and goals. A project studio is a home based business. You’re the CEO. You control the acoustic treatment too.

Want to learn more about Acoustic Treatments aside from Foam Panels? Watch Salas Android, an influencer with over 248,000 subscriber for process on how he rebuild his home studio with Polyester Hexagon Panels.



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