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How to Stay Focused While Working From Home During a Pandemic

by DAI Designer 17 Sep 2020
      The latest pandemic left the planet reacting to new home quarantine directives to avoid more transmission of the Covid-19. For several, isolation means that they work from home and face new difficulties they would not have faced before. All of these problems are sharing a room with loud kids as they also begin home schooling, picking up on noises during meetings, or realizing how busy your distracting neighbor is when you attempt to work.

      In Byte My Bits video, he shares that having an acoustic foam is a great investment specially if you are working from home. Your house is your place of work now. This is also discomforting and troubling. But it is also rewarding because you don't have to take a shower anymore and can only work in your comfy clothes. It is also worrisome since problems happen throughout. Your kid may want to play with you, your wife may want to have a quality time, and your neighbor upstairs may think this is the perfect time to take lessons a drum lessons.

How to Stay Focused

      If it's exhaustion, irritation, loss of inspiration, or purely something else, our failure to concentrate cuts a void in our effectiveness, and thus can jeopardize our prospects of performance. But much as the main character in "The Wolf of Wall Street" does, you don't have to go to lengths to get centered. There are opportunities to do it. Change begins with you. We know that you can not help with getting a dedicated office and preventing procrastination if the surroundings do not act in accordance. So what is the best solution? You modify the setting. We 're not talking to rearranging the furniture. We mean soundproofing the office at home.

 How to successfully soundproof your home?

Acoustic Foam Panels
      Ideal for any room involving less echo or reverberation. Overtone Acoustic Panels in conference spaces, classrooms, and home offices were designed to assist with noise reduction. Arrowzoom Pyramid acoustic panels can greatly enhance the sound in your room and are available in many sizes to make your home office the best suite. This will lessen all the unnecessary noise during your office hours at home and it will help you focus more.

Install a Custom Art Acoustic Panel
      If the work-from-home became longer than we expected, see this as an excuse to get some enjoyment and renovate! A custom-made sound panel serves up as a way of making your home office more functional and providing some fantastic art to enjoy when working. Arrowzoom acoustic art panels can also be used to catch all those unnecessary noises. 
      Whatever the situation is, upgrading the sound quality in your home office can help increase your productivity, turn your home into a more professional atmosphere, and truly demonstrate your commitment to producing quality work.
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