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Improving you workplace by using the Arrowzoom™ Acoustic Desk Divider

by Arrow Zoom Limited 26 Jul 2021


Wherever you work, be your most productive self with the Arrowzoom™ Acoustic Desk Divider!  This freestanding desk divider blocks visual distractions while its eco-friendly PET fabric absorbs 85% of ambient noise so you can stay focused. 


Maintaining social distance during the Covid-19

Dividers add an additional barrier and layer of protection for employees to remain at a safe distance from their coworkers to meet health recommendations and guidelines.

Define individuals’ office space

With a specifically defined workspace, employees will feel more motivated, focused, and safe, which can enhance their productivity and job performance. Also, it can Increase privacy by deadening a space with better sound absorption panels.

Adding functionality and practicality to your desk dividers

You can choose to utilize whiteboard material to keep important memos, pin notes, or calendars. This can encourage organization and tidiness, as well as protecting sensitive information.

Absolutely safe for your family

Do not emit any harmful odor or chemicals.

Our desk divider simply sits on top of virtually any desk or table, eliminating the need for installation!


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