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Making your YouTube Video Sound Quality Looks Good

by Arrow Zoom Limited 28 Feb 2020

Have you ever tried watching a YouTube video and noticed that the sound quality of the video is not that good or a bit of echoey?
That is one of the common problems of YouTubers nowadays. Many YouTubers are still looking for ways on how to get rid of the echo in their videos without knowing that there are a lot of products available in the market.


Greg Salazar shares his experience of removing the echoes in his room. Back when he was still in college, Greg was having trouble fixing the echoes in his college dorm room. He also added that his room is no good for a youtube video because of the echo.


 As you watch his first video review below with arrowzoom, When he first got his Arrowzoom Acoustic Foam Panels, It was a great help for him more specifically in his dorm because it specializes in sound damping and foam for various media applications and if you set it up properly, it will do a lot of wonders to your video sound quality.


In his video, he placed his new acoustic foams to the ceiling by using Arrowzoom Sticky Tabs to reduce the echo since his floor is already carpeted.


 The main goal of having an acoustic foam to your room is primarily to remove or reduce the echo. It will stop the sound waves from bouncing off to your walls. And according to Greg's experience, if you have an acoustic foam to your wall, It will absorb all unnecessary sounds and it will not let the soundwaves bounce back to your wall which may lead to the great sound quality of your video.


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