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Room Soundproofing Tips

by Jon Woo 15 Oct 2015

Most Important Room Soundproofing Tips

Soundproofing is the process of using specially designed materials intended for one of two things; either reduce the amount of unwanted sound passing back and forth between spaces, or to improve the quality of sound within a room.

To reduce amounts of sound passing from one room to another in homes, people will typically use soundproofing insulation or soundproof foam inside their walls and ceilings to soundproof a room. In addition to insulation, homeowners may install specially designed soundproof windows and doors. People may want to soundproof a room or level of the home for a variety of reasons, the most popular being finishing a basement, home theaters, or to improve the privacy of a rental suite in the home.

To improve sound within a room people commonly use acoustic panels on their walls, install soundproof curtains and drapes, use special acoustic floor covering, and even soundproof paint on the walls.

Absorbing sound with acoustic panels. Acoustic panels absorb sounds before they can bounce off walls and ceilings. They’re made to improve the sound inside a room, such as a home theater, but they’re also helpful in reducing sound transmission through walls.

If you’re building a home recording studio, soundproofing is an art. A good place to start is with soundproofing acoustic deadening sound tiles like the ones shown here.


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