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Soundproof Doors Are Good For Your Health

by Arrow Zoom Limited 13 Dec 2021


Excess noise that easily passes through normal doors and gaps around them could have a variety of adverse effects on your life, whether that’s preventing you from sleeping properly, distracting you from your work or ruining the tranquility of your home. To be at their most effective, it’s very important that soundproof doors are installed by skilled and experienced professionals. Persistent noise is proven to have an adverse effect on the human body and mind, and studies show that it can increase agitation and aggression. Nobody needs that in their lives. Peace, calm and quiet, on the other hand, have a rigorous part to play in improving our home lives, work performance and sense of general happiness.

Soundproof interior doors tend to have an automatic drop seal that plugs the gap beneath the door and the option of batwing seals that run along the edge at a perpendicular angle. With this being the case, soundproof doors are generally pre-hung in an appropriate frame by an experienced specialist and fitted as a complete unit. Noise disturbance and noise pollution are scourges of modern life. Anybody that’s lived next door to a noisy neighbor or near a building site will be able to tell you how much of a negative impact unwelcome noise pouring into your environment can have on your general well-being.


This is where Acoustic Panels comes handy. They are easy to install and can easily be removed without damaging your wall. We Do Solutions, a YouTube channel with over 84,000 subscriber recently installed soundproofing on his room door. Let's see how he did his installation and the after installation look!



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