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Things That You Need To Know Before Buying Acoustic Treatment

by Arrow Zoom Limited 04 May 2020


You've chosen your recorder, monitors, and other types of equipment and still, you're not satisfied with the tone of your sound quality. One of the most important elements of recording has been overlooked: the room's acoustics. Each sound in your studio comes into contact with a surface and is either absorbed or bounced backward. The lack of acoustic care will affect your recordings typically in a bad way. From early reflections to bass modes. That's why we made this acoustic treatment purchasing guide to clarify the fundamentals of optimizing the sound of your room.
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TECH HD - Gaming Tech Channel, a technology content creator in YouTube shares with us how much he loves the quality of audio. Having a set of Arrowzoom Acoustic Panels really improve his audio quality a lot. For him, audio is very important when it comes to video because some viewers have this mindset that if the audio quality is not good, it can also be the reason why the viewers will not watch your video.

So here are the things you need to know before buying an acoustic foam.

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Do I need it?

YES!! Perhaps, your project studio was not planned initially to be a comfortable tracking environment. That's why inexpensive acoustic treatment is precisely what you need. Did you know that your space produces its own sound? Sound flies by the direction along which it goes. Based on a variety of variables, it can be reflected and/or consumed.
Have you tried shouting in a parking lot? That quick loud and bouncing sound is what you called echo. It occurs when two different surfaces reflect sounds to each other. In certain cases, fluttering tone exists when the echoes appear in quick succession.


What type of acoustic treatment should I buy?
There are three types of acoustic foams that you need when buying for acoustic treatment. These are the Absorption, Diffusion, and Bass traps. For sound absorption, Acoustic foam is well designed to reduce noise and slap flutter. These are the two most popular room issues that aren't built to capture and execute material. Acoustic Foam will further boost the sound quality of your audio and will provide you a more reliable testing system. The second is diffusion. It will avoid the amassing of sound waves, and you will only have a little or no hot spots at all. Lastly, Bass Traps. Corner bass trapping is a must if you want to smoothen the sound of your room because low frequencies appear to cluster in the corners and create issues, such as raising the obvious volume in the bass in the room.
Where to put it?
Evaluating where to put your acoustic solution is also a work of science. It focused on your priorities, purpose of the space, and the architecture. Bear in mind that you will never be able to get rid of the unnecessary sound if it's already on film. Here are a few tips to help you walk through your acoustic treatment installation method. The sidewalls may be absorptive and diffusive. If your budget is small, You should prioritize the acoustic treatment of the sidewall because these are the sound points that will provide you a secure, and protected listening spot but if you have a fully absorbent space like an isolation booth, begin from the top of the wall down to your knee level. This will allow you to monitor the recording variables in the mix, EQ, and more.
These tips that you need to know before buying an acoustic foam will surely make your sound treatment a lot easier. Click here to know more about Arrowzoom Acoustic Panel.






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