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How to Improve the Room Acoustics in Your Home Studio

by Arrow Zoom Limited 15 Jul 2020


      Working from home is not a common practice for most business but for many workplaces and employees, the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered it an unplanned necessity. And when the coronavirus epidemic finally fades, many companies may have realized they don't require huge high rises and many workers will have learned they don't need to be in the workplace all day. When you're one of those operating from home, odds are you've been told bring your laptop home and how to log into to the computer system of your firm remotely but nothing else. Rather than lugging a laptop to the kitchen table or working on an iPad when in bed, experts also recommend a designated spot to operate. The ideal option is to have a closed-door in your own work station, which should help keep you in the zone and free from daily interruptions. Having your own work station at your home will really improve your work productivity level.

      In Mumbo's Youtube video, you can see that he's been using pillows to dampen the sound whenever he's recording a video. For him, pillows are a big help because it absorbs some of the sounds but there are more accurate tools which you can use for sound absorption like Wedge Acoustic Panels. Acoustic panels absorb sound and are mounted on walls or ceilings to monitor and minimize noise, remove slap echo, and regulate the diffusion of the comb in a house. The goal is to improve the sound by enhancing sound quality with panels that absorb sound. The function of acoustic panels is mostly used to handle recording studio acoustics, church acoustics, and home theater acoustics to minimize, though not totally remove, vibration inside the space.


      If you want to have an effective way to reduce all the noises while you are working, it is never a waste of time and money to invest in the right product. Ever since Mumbo upgraded to Arrowzoom Wedge Acoustic Panels, it is far better than using a pillow. Be sure to check how a Work From Home Scheme works before introducing a remote job program! This is especially relevant if the staff has never operated remotely before. We are really not sure if the pandemic would have long term effects on the job environment. all we might conclude is that flexible work opportunities will become increasingly popular and businesses will continue to change by having a fresh look into what works and what doesn't in this modern environment.
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