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What are the best ways to soundproof interior doors?

by Arrow Zoom Limited 12 Apr 2022


Soundproofing is termed commonly as the technique of reducing the sound pressure concerning a specified sound source and the receptor. The idea is to cut through the clutter and reduce any unwanted noise that could otherwise pass through the elements present in any space, particularly covering the area within four walls. With that said, doors are often found to contribute most to the noise issues and make themselves an essential element in the acoustic treatment. The space around the doors often becomes prone to noise leaks. Doorways prove to be the largest gap in the wall and the weakest link for soundproofing. 

Why soundproof interior doors specifically?

Controlling ambient noise in houses of worship, offices, classrooms, and restaurants can be problematic resulting in compromised speech intelligibility. Soundproofing doors provide a protective layer for not just letting noise enter the space from the outside but also reducing the impact of the surrounding noise. Soundproofing goals require the need to underline the difference between the exterior and interior doors, with the former usually having a solid core and the latter a hollow one. However, the importance of realizing the difference becomes all the more significant when it is linked directly to the soundproofing power. 

Interior doors being lighter compared to the exterior counterparts' heaviness allows noise to pass through easily. These hollow core doors act as the thinnest barrier between you and the noise from outside the premises, and hence you will want to examine where and how the sound is getting into your room to choose the best method for blocking the noise. Let us now take you through the ways to soundproof a door seeking the best you could do to improve the home environment determined by the budget and the source of the problem.

1)Soundproof Weather Strip

Sound absorbing materials

Seals the gaps around doors and windows to keep out the weather, lower utility bills, increase interior comfort, and reduce noise. Arrowzoom Soundproof Weather Strip for Doors and Windows proves a great solution for soundproofing. Using weatherstrip in your doors, jambs, and underneath the door, the gap that proved a vulnerable noise entry point is covered, thus reducing the noise quite well. 

2)Use acoustic panels

how to soundproof a door

Arrowzoom Door Soundproofing Kit All in One Acoustic Panel provides the perfect sound absorption materials for deadening and dampening the sound effect. These sound-absorbing panels create a peaceful and very soothing effect by erasing the extraneous noise. Applicable in closely spaced areas including offices, restaurants, pubs, etc. Moreover, adding some soundproofing mass to your sliding interior doors helps you achieve the soundproofing studio purposes without altering the frame. Be it foam or a fiberglass panel, each proves quite impressive in reducing the echo.

3)Adhesive sound-absorbing panels

sound absorber

Mitigating the noise and reducing the reverberation and echo in space, these seal in the gaps with quick and efficient compression technology. The sound-absorbing panels come with self-adhesive back and backup adhesives. These are the preferred decorative, sound-absorbing panels for any space where good speech privacy or speech intelligibility is the key to refining the listening experience. They are known for refining the sound quality by reducing the number of sound waves reflected, thus dampening the unneeded noise.

4)Soundproof curtains

soundproof door

Dampening the noise and reverberations in a space, Arrowzoom soundproof curtain is an acoustic treatment for your doors, windows, and rooms. The curtain cannot completely stop the sound from penetrating in but can certainly absorb it in maximized proportions. They also work as added insulation for a warmer room. Blackout curtains block out 99.9% of the light and UV outside from windows. PVC Plastic Strip Curtain helps to regulate temperatures inside your property.

Let what enters soothe your ears

Bring in the good noise with a better sound quality letting you escape from any detrimental impacts the unneeded noise could unfurl. Even though there are ways to control it, including soundproofing walls, floors, and ceilings, the acute solution still is soundproofing the doors and windows. Adding mass-loaded vinyl, soundproof blankets, acoustic panels, and insulation adds layered protection to the already solid core of the door. Sealing the gaps with gaskets, door sweeps or spray foams, etc., help prevent air leaks. Choose your best combination to add to your comfort and peace of mind.

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