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What is the best acoustic foam for your studio

by Arrow Zoom Limited 11 Jun 2020


What is the safest tool for blocking vibration for heavy equipment? The acoustic foam panels that you can purchase are perfect for domestic or commercial uses. Choosing the best material that absorbs the sound helps to know some basics. There are several questions that we usually ask whenever we are buying acoustic panels such as how does it work?, What kind of foams do I need to buy?, or What are the things that I need to consider before buying. Because you need a custom solution, it also helps you figure out how to make and install the best sound-absorbing material.


Robbie Ferreira shares that ever since he had the Arrowozoom Acoustic foams, they really did a pretty decent job compared to other acoustic foams that you can buy online. You may watch the complete product review on his YouTube channel.




How does it work?

They are created with airtight acoustic foams with specialized facings. The open cells in the acoustic foams allow sound energy to pass through. This energy is easily dissipated and converted into small amounts of low-grade heat. The facing substrate for the sound absorber can also have a robust, clear surface. That 's important for noise control applications most especially for gamers and other artists that usually produce a loud noise.


What are the types of acoustic foams that can I buy in the market?

Vinyl-faced sound absorbers for heavy sound equipment are a reasonable option for any studio or gaming room. Most foams that absorb sound are made of polyester, polyurethane, urethane, or melamine. Instead, polyimide foams can be used to satisfy fire protection specifications. Popular acoustic foam face products include vinyl and foil made of aluminum.


How to Install?

Arrowzoom Acoustic foams are easy to install. You don't need professional help since it is a user-friendly application. Arrowzoom acoustic foams come in vacuum-sealed packaging. for you to be able to reshape it, soak it in water and let it dry for 24 hours. once the foams are already in shape, it is now ready for installation. You may use Arrowzoom 24 pack sticky tabs or you may purchase an adhesive spray to any hardware stores near you.

Before buying an acoustic foam, make sure you understand all the specifications that you need for your room or your studio. Otherwise, you might choose an acoustic foam that just satisfies certain of your needs. You may check Arrowzoom Gray Pyramid Acoustic Foams.

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