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What is the best way to reduce noise?

by Arrow Zoom Limited 08 Mar 2022

sound absorbing panels

Noise pollution is one of the significant problems of the current decade. It is one of the enormous problems that can disrupt our mental peace. It adversely impacts our mental and physical health and can cause hearing loss or stress-related illness. We need to adopt measures that control noise pollution and its associated risks. 

Here are some of the measures that can help you reduce noise pollution. 

  • Reduce the source of the sound 

sound absorbing curtains

The first step towards reducing noise pollution is to know its source. There are various home appliances that cause noise pollution but are essential for us. For example, the ceiling fan of your room may be one of those noise-creating factors. We can't stop using the fan, but we can reduce its noise. Fixing or replacing the fan's condenser could be the best possible solution to reduce that noise. Moreover, you can consider purchasing home appliances that have a soundproof feature.

  • Use soundproof home products


Some home equipment like refrigerators or washing machines cause noise but are essential for our day-to-day life. Thus, we can't avoid using them, but there are various soundproofing products available that can block or reduce the sound levels of these appliances. You can try sound-absorbing curtains that are 99% soundproof for your office or home.

  • Use a barrier to encounter 

Nowadays, barriers are available to knock out the noises. You can control the internal noise to some extent, but you can’t control or avoid noise from external sources. To deal with it, various products ranging from soundproofing barriers for walls, soundproof flooring, or ceiling ductors are available to avoid external noises. 

  • Use masking sound  

acoustic foam

The masking sound can be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to reduce noise levels. With the help of acoustic foam, you can mask the background noise and cut out annoying noise sources. These foams are commonly used in open office space to reduce distractions and maintain and improve speech privacy.

  • Use technologically advanced soundproofing products

With the evolution of technological advancements, we now have access to a range of products like noise cancellation headphones or car insulators that help us to reduce noise pollution. Sound-absorbing panels are also one of the effective ways to absorb noise and make your space soundproof.

  •  Soundproof Your Surrounding 

We can control the noises if they are occurring from inside our premises. Though, it's become uncontrollable to reduce the noise created from external sources. However, the significant step you can take is to make your space soundproof with soundproofing products. For all the soundproofing solutions, visit Arrowzoom for a wide range of sound control products collection.

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