Arrowzoom Car Insulation Automotive Sound Deadener Cotton - KK1147

Arrowzoom Auto Insulation Mat Product Description & Complete Guide Arrowzoom Car Automotive Insulation Mat is a soundproof...
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Arrowzoom Car Insulation Automotive Sound Deadener Cotton - KK1147

Arrowzoom Car Insulation Automotive Sound Deadener Cotton - KK1147


Arrowzoom Car Insulation Automotive Sound Deadener Cotton - KK1147


Arrowzoom Auto Insulation Mat Product Description & Complete Guide

Arrowzoom Car Automotive Insulation Mat is a soundproof treatment for your cars. Easy to Cut and Fit. Self-adhesive back and easy to install. Reduce the vibration of the resonance frequency and absorb resonant noise. Waterproof and Moisture-proof.

Why Does Your Car Need Insulation Treatment?

  • Improve the ride quality in your vehicle by reducing engine noise, tyre whine, road noise, wind noise.
  • Significantly improve the overall vehicle refinement and sound quality.
  • Ensure your vehicle stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, make your ride more comfortable. 

Features & Highlights of Auto Insulation Mat:

✅ Non-Toxic

All our acoustic panels are non-toxic and environment friendly.

✅ Amazing Material

The non-woven cloth covered on the surface protects the fiber from weathering and increases its life span.

✅ Shock Absorber

Reduce the vibration of the resonance frequency.

✅ Easy To Install

Self-Adhesive. East to cut and fit.

✅ Climate Adaptable

The sound deadener material allows you to deal with both, cold and heat. This is especially important in hot climate areas. A well-insulated interior is a pledge of high comfort while in the vehicle. Liner heat shield material will solve the problem of excessive heating if your car is equipped with a powerful engine and an enhanced exhaust system. It is also easy to use Liner as the hood insulation (hoodliner)

✅ Improve Acoustic Quality

The internal porous microfiber can effectively absorb the high frequency noise.

✅ Multi-Function

Use it in your Automotives, Home Theaters, Studios or Gaming Room for acoustic treatment / Isolation Shield, or in offices as a Desk Privacy Panel.

Before & After Installed Auto Insulation Mat

Arrowzoom Insulation Mat Sound Test

Technical Data Sheet

STC (Sound Transmission Class), is a numerical rating of how effective a material is at blocking the transmission of sound through itself. This rating generally applies to hard materials like rubberized sound barriers, concrete, brick and drywall but also applies to a much lesser degree to softer materials like mineral fiber (although it isn’t tested by itself; it’s tested as part of a wall system to verify its effectiveness). 

 Arrowzoom Technical Data


How To Install Insulation Mat Step by Step

Step 1: Clean the Designated Area

Before applying the insulation mat, clean the surface carefully. Please make sure the surface is clean and dry as any dust on the surface will reduce the adhesiveness of the insulation mat. 

Step 2: Locate the Insulation Mat for Outline

Lay the insulation mat out for your specific application. Keep in mind that the insulation mat is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the entire surface of the given element.

Step 3: Mark & Resize the Insulation Mat To Best Fit

Measure the designated areas that need to be field cut on the insulation mat and make the appropriate cuts without removing the adhesive paper (examples would be around beams, doorways, or if a short piece is needed). After all the pieces have been field cut, put the material back in the appropriate position on the wall or ceiling and lightly mark the bottom and side of where each piece will be lightly with a pencil to ensure straight application.

Step 4: Hang The Insulation Mat

Slowly peel off the adhesive paper and hang the insulation mat on the designated surface. Once you peel off the sticker, the insulation mat should easily stick to the surface of your choice. Remove all the air bubbles from underneath by flattening them with your hands.

Step 5: Roll The Surface Of The Insulation Mat

Use a roller to flatten out the insulation mat. Roll out the surface until it becomes flat and smooth.


Can I Customize The Size Of The Auto Insulation Mat That I Needed?

If you would like to customize the size of the auto insulation mat that you needed, please send an email to us at


Technical Specification:


Polyester Fiber (PP+PET)

Size & Dimension:

    • 50 cm x 80 cm (19.7 in X 31.5 in)


  • NOTE:
    • We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage. And due to shipping requirements, we compressed (vacuum sealed) the acoustic foam for easy shipping.

    • Please kindly give up until 24 to 48 hours for the foam to restore its normal size.

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sam kostarellis (Rochester, US)

Haven’t received anything yet

Marcelle P. Pellegrino
5 stars

The material was great will buy again. Perfect for silencing fan blower motor noise in a car.

Tayla Kay
Thank you, great products, great shipping.

Thank you, great products, great shipping.

Five stars

Very satisfied, the effect was great

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