Arrowzoom Custom Design Soundproof Velcro Felt Art Wall Panels KK1230

Arrowzoom Custom Velcro Felt Art Panel Product: Description & Complete Guide Who knew that a piece of art could...
€74,95 EUR
€74,95 EUR
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Size: 60 x 90cm / 35.4 x 23.6 in
Subtotal: €74,95
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Arrowzoom Custom Velcro Felt Art Wall Panels KK1230 60 x 90cm / 35.4 x 23.6 in

Arrowzoom Custom Design Soundproof Velcro Felt Art Wall Panels KK1230


Arrowzoom Custom Design Soundproof Velcro Felt Art Wall Panels KK1230

Size: 60 x 90cm / 35.4 x 23.6 in

Arrowzoom Custom Velcro Felt Art Panel Product: Description & Complete Guide

Who knew that a piece of art could be a cleverly concealed acoustic solution?! Well, it can. It’s all thanks to Arrowzoom, our range of acoustic art panels. They’re designed to help you breathe new life into your space by livening up the walls and helping keep noise levels to a minimum.

You choose the art and we’ll incorporate the acoustic solution – it’s that simple; just get in touch to hear more.

Arrowzoom Custom Velcro Felt Art Wall Panels are improved fabric wall panels with aesthetically pleasing pictures printings. It absorbs sound, reduces echo, and allows you to create any number of unique printed designs. Use our picture panels to control sound and beautify any space. Controlling sound and reverberation has never been this fun!

Arrowzoom Soundproof Panel Sound Test

In this video, it shows the acoustic test comparison after installed acoustic pyramid across room types: Music Studio, Home Theater, Meeting Room, Indoor Stadium, and Sound Insulation & Vibration


Why Should You Install Our Acoustic Art Panel?

Acoustic Art Panel improves the acoustics and ensures a good atmosphere in spaces for children and young people or adds playful accents to offices and waiting rooms. Thanks to the low-maintenance felt surface and the various color options, the sound absorber can be combined creatively and become the center of interest.


Features & Highlights of Acoustic Art Panel:

✅ Amazing Material

The high quality acoustic panel are designed by audio engineers that allow anyone who like to improve the sound quality or solve sound issues to save time. Best sound deadening to filter approximately most of the outside noise from entering the room.

✅ Sound Absorbing

Packed with High NRC rating that helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation.

✅ Cost-Effective

Appealing yet effective acoustic art panels at cost-effective prices.

✅ Safe To Use

- Flame Retardant Class B1

- No Carcinogenic Emission, No Foul Smell

- No Formaldehyde, No Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), No Fibre Disintegration

- No Chemicals - No chemical retardants, No binding agents

- Manufactured in Clean Room Environment (Class 100k)

✅ Colors and Styles

Endless Design Possibilities and patterns are provided for you to choose from. You can make your own combinations to soundproof and decorate your room at the same time.

✅ Multi-functions

- Children’s playroom: Allow your kids to laugh and play freely while you relax in quiet in the living room.

- Nursery: Your child will nap soundly when art panels are used to prevent noise from entering their nursery. This change means you can go about your day without worrying about disturbing your napping baby.

- Home office: Hang art panels in your home office to improve the quietness of your workspace, making it easier to focus.

- Bedroom: Foam acoustic panels can work wonders to prevent outside noise from seeping into your bedroom and disrupting your peaceful sleep. With art panels, you can select a design that’s perfect for your bedroom’s style.

- Living room or home theater: Art panels absorb noise debris, meaning a clearer listening experience when you’re watching TV or movies. Complement your state-of-the-art home theater equipment with soundproofing art for the highest-quality sound.


Before & After Installed Acoustic Art Panel

Technical Data Sheet

STC (Sound Transmission Class), is a numerical rating of how effective a material is at blocking the transmission of sound through itself. This rating generally applies to hard materials like rubberized sound barriers, concrete, brick and drywall but also applies to a much lesser degree to softer materials like mineral fiber (although it isn’t tested by itself; it’s tested as part of a wall system to verify its effectiveness).

 Arrowzoom Technical Data

How To Install Acoustic Panel Step by Step

Follow the guidelines below to install acoustic panels to your walls step by step.

Step 1: Locate the Acoustic Foam For Outline

Lay the Studio Foam out for your specific application. Keep in mind that you want the foam evenly distributed throughout the room.

Step 2: Resize the Acoustic Foam To Best Fit

Measure any areas that need to be field cut on the foam and make the appropriate cuts (examples would be around beams, doorways, or if a short piece is needed). After all the pieces have been field cut, put the material back in the appropriate position on the wall or ceiling and lightly mark the bottom and side of where each piece will be lightly with a pencil to ensure straight application.

Step 3: Remove The Adhesive Paper And Stick The Acoustic Foam

Slowly peel off the adhesive paper and hang the insulation mat on the designated surface. Once you peel off the sticker, the Acoustic foam should easily stick to the surface of your choice. Remove all the air bubbles from underneath by flattening them with your hands.

Step 4: Hang the Acoustic Foam With The Marked Line

Line up the materials on marked lines from Step 2 and press firmly against the material compressing the foam. Repeat step for remaining pieces of foam.


Can I Buy Art Panels With Other Type of Design

You can find out more Felt Art Panels with other types of designs on our felt art panels collection page.


Technical Specification:

Size & Dimension:

6 Pieces -  90 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm / 12 Pieces - 120 x 90 cm, 90 x 120 cm


 0.9 cm

  • NOTE:
    • Actual color may slightly differ depends on monitor settings.
    • We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage. And due to shipping requirements, we compressed (vacuum sealed) the acoustic foam for easy shipping.
    • Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item. Compare the detail sizes with yours, please allow 1-3cm error, due to manual measurement.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Will Howell

    Just sepnd a few minutes to install such an art panel with great quality.

    Neha Rice

    The color quality was awesome that it won't fade. I will purchase more next time!

    Ali Al-Merjany
    ول عراقي يجرب بتل فيلد موبايل! افضل من ببجي موبايل !!

    Battlefield Mobile YouTube video placeholder
    Omoi Senpai - Music Edumacation
    THIS Is NOT Just Art!! ( Arrowzoom Review 💯 )

    "10% Code: "AZ-JUSTIN1" YouTube video placeholder
    Brian Cunningham

    All ok, ordered a second time

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